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The History

Bonsai Thai & Sushi’s creative and imaginative menu will leave you craving for more! Pick up your Bonsai Sushi Party Trays for your Holiday Party.

Description Inspired by the beauty and mystique of Bonsai trees, Bonsai Thai & Sushi Restaurant combines its creative and imaginative menu with an eclectic and serene atmosphere. Known for its stellar sushi and authentic Thai dishes, Bonsai Thai & Sushi’s charm and modern pizzazz breaks out of the mold of typical sushi places leaving you feasting on our sushi menu highlights and delectable curries that you’ll come to crave again and again and please even the most seasoned connoisseurs.

If you’re unable to enjoy the dining in experience at Bonsai Thai & Sushi, we’ll deliver it to you. In addition, we provide catering and party platters to accommodate any size functions.